Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's Day

Yesterday was a fun day.  It was April Fool's.  Rob likes to think he never gets tricked, and when he does, he then plays it off and acts as though he wasn't tricked.  But I was determined to trick him.  I saw a few harmless but funny ideas on the internet.   They worked out well.  I put clear nail polish on the bar of soap so it wouldn't lather up while Rob showered.  It was pretty funny, he was trying to scrape it off and then was concerned that he had just smeared nail polish all over himself, (which he hadn't). 

The other trick I had prepared was some fake poop made from toilet paper rolls.  This trick would be from Jacob.  A few hours later I changed Jacob's diaper, and one thing to know about Jacob is, he does not like stopping whatever he's doing to get changed.  He fights laying down, and so occasionally he will escape.  So, as I changed him, I let him escape and run towards Rob, (who was nearby on the couch).  As he did I threw the fake poop on the ground.  I then did my best to look and sound horrified that Jacob had pooped on the carpet.  Rob looked at it, agreed it was gross, and then while I picked it up he ran off to catch Jacob who was running bare bottomed down the hall.  I could hardly keep from laughing out loud as I heard Rob telling Jacob not to poop on the carpet.  Rob brought him back and then I told him April Fool's!  Ha ha. 

All day, I kept on my toes for a trick Rob might play.  And right before I got into bed and while brushing my teeth, I thought, he will probably put something in my bed, or in my pillow.  But a minute later, I totally forgot and when I got in bed I felt something in my pillow.  It was a scrap of paper that had been on my night stand.  Rob was so proud of himself for "getting me".  Congratulations Rob. 

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