Tuesday, October 1, 2013


As you can see, Jacob is holding up a big #3.  He will be turning 3 pretty soon.  It is crazy to think he will a 3 yr old.  He has been practicing holding up 3 fingers and saying he’s three. 

Since 3 is a magic number
I thought I would makes lists of 3

Places Rob and I have lived:
CA, UT, and TX

# of times we moved in our 1st yr of marriage: 
3  --from an apt in CA, to an apt in TX, to our current home in TX

# of times it rained during those moves:
you guessed it—3

3 places we have visited:
-Cancun, Mexico
-Australia & New Zealand

3 places I would love to visit;
-Maachu Pichu, Peru

3 activites Jacob likes
-playing with trucks 
-playing baseball
-riding his bike

3 books Jacob likes:
Caps for sale
Naughty little monkeys
Dingo (Richard Scarcy trucks book)

3 books I like
The Help
Hunger Games
The Hiding Place

3 adult songs Jacob likes
1.     Wildfire by John Mayer  “say, say, say”
2.     Home by Phillip Phillips
3.   I will wait,  by Mumford and Sons

3 kid songs Jacob likes:
       1.  Habia un sapo  (it’s a Spanish song)
    2.   Hot Dog hot dog, hot diggidy dog
        3.  Shake your sillies out

3 phrases Jacob says lately that make me laugh
1.     When he wants a lot of treats.  Jacob: “I want lots”.  Me, I will give you some.  Jacob rephrases: “I want many”
2.     When looked at something that is written down, “are those the number words?”
3.     When we are both talking and Jacob still has something he wants to say, “I still talking”

3 foods Jacob likes
             1. Pizza
             2. yogurt raisins
             3. any candy

3 things I love about Jacob:
             1.  His laugh
             2.  His smile
             3.  His love and concern for others.

3 things on Jacob’s ever changing and long birthday wish list
1.     A big Mack truck
2.     Lots of race cars
3.     A big bouncy ball
I think he will be a happy birthday boy !!!  I am excited to celebrate his special day with him.  It has been hard for Rob and I to wait until the big day to give him his presents!