Thursday, March 27, 2014


Hello there,

Yes, we still have a blog.  As you can see I need to dust it off.  With a busy toddler, it doesn't get too much attention.  I am much better at posting a quick picture on FB or instagram.  I have a few posts that I start, but then never get around to finishing b/c my time and attention is needed elsewhere.  

But we are doing well, having fun, and keeping busy.

The weather was nice today so in the afternoon we rode bikes up and down the culdesac.  I am so glad we got Jacob a balance/glider bike.  He is a pro on it.  We "race" down the street.  He says, let's race, and then says, "Mark, set, nine go!"  But leaves when he says "set" so he can get a head start.  He goes on his bike and I go on my scooter and halfway down as I start to pass him he shouts, "I win!"

Don't try to correct him by telling him to say, "I won!"  b/c he will then think you are saying that you won, and you didn't  :)

Since we are talking about funny things he says, I love how instead of saying, "never mind", he will say, "never my mind".  Rob will try to correct him to no avail.  But I like how he says it, so I let it be and just laugh.  And later tonight Rob started saying "never my mind", so Jacob was happy to hear Rob was finally learning how to say it correctly.  :)

Like I said, the weather was nice and we rode bike/scooters.  But unfortunately, Jacob came across a few fire ants while we were out--and they bit him pretty bad so he was hurting, but we raced home as fast as we could and I tried a home remedy trick I had learned (putting bleach on the bite as quickly as possible), and he hasn't complained of the bites since.  And fire ant bits hurt and burn, so I was glad that worked.  (of course, clean the bleach off the skin afterwards.  I looked up once about this home remedy last summer after hearing about it, and also tried it when he fell in a huge pile of ants and got bit all over.  He didn't complain even once about the 10+ bites he got after treating them this way). 
I know I have a bunch of pics and video of him riding his bike, but of course I can't find any at the moment.  Guess I will just have to take more the next time we go out!  But here he is "fixing" his bike.  :)

Later that evening we saw a lizard on the side of the house, and Jacob was pretty excited about that.  When I asked what we should name him, he said, "billy body".  That is his silly word for everything.

He has also been into saying peanut butter before every word, ie: peanu tbutter hat, peanut butter belly, etc.  there is no end to words you can say with peanut butter in front of, and it is silly and hilarious every time :) 

So there you go, a little home remedy for fire ants and some silly words to keep you smiling courtesy of Jacob.