Sunday, December 23, 2012


We have so much to be grateful for.  We were grateful to have Rob's family come out and spend Thanksgiving together.  The food was great and we had a fun time seeing everyone.  Jacob loved the attention he got and still talks about the fun time he had with everyone.  

Getting ready to enjoy the feast.


There's always room for dessert.

Boys on cleanup duty

 Playing catch with his aunt and cousin

He caught it!  I like it when Jacob says, "good job" or "almost" (if he doesn't catch it) when he is playing. 

 Yea Jacob!  He had so much fun with them.

 Good job!

 He's ready for more


Little Lion

Here are a few pictures from Halloween.  Better late than never I suppose.  Jacob looked so cute in his costume.  After a little candy to bribe him to wear it, he was sold on the whole costume wearing, candy collecting concept.  Perhaps a little too much so as you will see in some pictures below.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

pumpkin patch 

playing in the hay

Rob trying to convince Jacob to put his costume on.

It's on!

At the high school fair

Trick or treating with friends.  Jacob going in for some candy

He is happy with the candy he got, but his friend is not so pleases.

Thinking about getting more, but decides against it.  Good idea,  his other friend is ready to defend her stash.

Look mom!  (he was not too happy a minute later when he had to give it back)  But he recovered quickly after his bag started filling up.

Fun times trick or treating.  

At a trunk or treat. 

Love this picture of my little lion

Riding the train.  He was so excited and focused.

Holidays are so fun with little ones.  We had a great Halloween with Jacob this year.

Future Big Brother

I always love seeing how much Jacob loves babies.  It is interesting to me how much he really likes them.

One day he noticed a figurine we have that has a dad and a mom holding a little baby.  From then on, every morning Jacob would ask to hold it, and give it a hug and a kiss.

Shortly after that one of his friends became a big brother and so Jacob would talk about this friend but then also include his baby sister in the conversation.  He loves tickling babies toes and mimicking their cries.  He will say, "baby cry, waaa".  It is pretty funny.  He loves holding his friend's baby sister and getting toys for her to play with as well.  Also, and during a time when I was having a hard time getting Jacob in his stroller, I was out with my friend and once he heard he could hold the baby when he got in in stroller, he couldn't get into it fast enough.
Sharing toys

I love how happy he is to be holding her.

I have loved watching him when he looks at and holds the baby Jesus in our nativity sets at home.  When we brought out the Christmas decorations for the first time and he saw the baby Jesus figurine he immediately started carrying it around.  I love this picture I snapped of him getting ready to read him a story.

Another time after we watched a little video about the Christmas, we went to look at the baby Jesus in our nativity and he had Mary hold the baby Jesus for awhile.

 He also prefers the horse and camel on top of the nativity roof rather than the angel.  :)

Jacob is such a fun, kind, and sweet little boy and I think our future children will feel lucky to have him as their brother.