Monday, June 25, 2012


Last weekend, Rob and I went to a Coldplay concert.  It was awesome.  I loved all of the music they played.  A few times during the concert I would stop, close my eyes and take notice of the amazing sound that surrounded me.  It was cool.  The song Paradise will always remind me of Jacob.  Jacob loves dancing to that song.  He has a few funny moves.  Some of his favorite dance moves are: squatting, spinning, and getting in the yoga downward dog pose and kicking one leg up in the air.

I love how music and specific songs can remind us of different times or memories in our lives.  It is almost like songs can be a time machine.  

Last week I also heard a song that I had heard around the time when we had found out about little Jacob.  At the time we hardly knew anything about him, but the lyrics in the song perfectly described how I felt and how I was already in love with this little baby.  Even now as I type this I can feel that same happiness and excitement I felt that day.  

It is fun to see how much Jacob likes music.  Rob plays the guitar and most nights he will play Jacob a song before bed.  Jacob likes to sit on his lap when he has the guitar and help him play.  Even if Rob doesn't play the guitar at night, we will still sing a song.  And I usually always sing him a song before nap time as well.  Anyhow, a month or two ago when I picked him up to hold him before we had our family prayer and sang a song, he immediately snuggled with me and then started singing.  You couldn't make out any words, but you could kind of decipher the tune he was trying to sing.  It was so cute.  It made me so happy that he also enjoyed this little bedtime routine we had, and that he doesn't seem to mind that I sing out of tune to him.  

We sing various songs before bed.  Sometimes it is the "Itsy bitsy spider", sometimes a religious song like "I am a child of God".  Tonight it was "Row, row, row your boat".  We didn't realize how much Jacob liked that one, but the last few times he has sung the word "row" throughout the whole song.  It is pretty funny.

Dance party to "Paradise" by Coldplay

Monday, June 18, 2012


I think Rob had a good Father's day yesterday.  He is such a great dad and I hope he knows how much Jacob and I love him.  Jacob and I decorated a foam finger that said #1 Dad, and in the morning when Rob went to get Jacob out of his crib I had him wearing it.  It was fun.  We gave him a few other fun gifts and made him some yummy food and just enjoyed spending the day together.  It was a nice day.

Yesterday I also thought about Jacob's birth father and what a good person he is.  With adoption, it is not always the case that you know about or meet the birth father of your child, so we feel lucky to have been able to do that.  We have great respect for Jacob's birth father and are glad he is a part of our lives.

Rob and Jacob